GV Group is a conglomerate of companies, operating in Egypt under the name of GV Investment Group.
A diversified portfolio of long-established entities joined forces in 2019 to create a business brand deeply rooted in the Egyptian society, with a well established understanding of the market trends and needs.
Founded on the vision of “Developing for the Nation”, this pivotal pillar of GV is our exponential drive towards a sustainable future.

With our dedicated team of professionals, we offer Innovative models, Livable cities , Industrial projects and green solutions that form the backbone of our Group.

We believe that the future holds vast and diverse opportunities for all Egyptians to achieve their dreams.

We at GV Group will endeavor to offer to You the keys to unlock the potential opportunities that awaits you, The Keys to Your Future. 

To lead the market in opening future Life-investments for all Egyptians.

GV Group will offer the Egyptian society a diverse selection of home, business and leisure investment opportunities that meet the needs of the aspiring Egyptian citizens.

Whether it is the first home, modern office, new factory, business venture or leisure getaway, GV Group’s portfolio will expand to offer full, diverse and comprehensive future Life-investments.

GV Group is committed to the economic and social future of the Egyptian society, by pivotally and strategically participating in projects that benefits the citizens and enhances their societies, whilst promoting the environmental and resources sustainability.

GV Group regards itself as a model Egyptian partner in the advancement of the modern Egyptian state.

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Message from the Group CEO

We have created this Group on the four pillars of hard work, integrity, adaptability and pursuing excellence. Our determination and drive to achieve new milestones are an undeniable proof of our success story.

    Our Firm Foundations… For our Firm’s Future

Recent Projects


White Sand 

Nestled between the turquoise water of the Mediterranean and the golden sands of the North Coast, White Sand offers a wide array of compatible spaces matching the demands of a modern and savvy society.

Recent News



GV sponsored the 3rd International Conference for Cooperative Housing aiming at aligning the national development of Egypt with the United Nations SDGs2030, paving the path to the pioneering initiative that offers new economic models, new development approaches and meets the challenges of the local Egyptian Market.


White Sand Pre Launch


White Sand


ICCH'19 - Omar Khairat

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